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Gang Wars: Gang War is an event and it is available once every 4 game days. You put a gang name and you search. Once you find the gang, you are able to send a challenge.

Gangs must match all the requirements to be able to challenge a gang.

  • Gangs must have at least 6 trusted members.
  • Gangs must have HeadQuarters and Assault Strategy Upgrades at least at level 6.
  • Gangs can challenge the gangs 5 below and 5 over on the list.
  • Gang members should not be in jail, in training or at hospital (died) until gang war is executed.
  • Each gang can make 4 Gang wars maximum in a day.
  • Each gang can challenge the same gang once a day.
  • After gang war is set, the attacker gang has 15 real minutes to execute the gang war.
  • If a gang war is not executed within expected timeframe, attacker gang will lose 2% of its assault points and receiver gang will get 500.000 points.
  • Once a gang loses the gang war, all the trusted members lose 2% points of their gang points and gang loses 500.000 gang assault points; the Winner gang earns 500.000 points to assault points + the points from the loser gang members.
  • Gang leader cannot change leader in gang if there is an ongoing gang war or challenge.

Now, we would like to give you new updates regarding gang wars starting from round 162

  • Once a gang sends a gang war challenge, it will be accepted automatically. 
  • They will have 15 minutes to execute the gang war. If not, it will get cancelled automatically. And, the attacker gang will lose 500.000 gang assault points, victims will receive 500.000 gang assault points automatically.
    So, the attacker gang has 15 minutes.
  • If it gets cancelled, they will not be able to send a challenge to the same gang. And the victim gang will not be able to send them another challenge either on the same day.
  • If the victim gang has only 1 member inside the gang, his power will be included on gang assault power. Other trusted members' assault powers will not be calculated since they are outside the gang.
    - But, they, all trusted members, should lose points when a gang loses gang war. 
  •  When a gang loses gang war, they lose 500.000 gang assault points + all members lose 2% of their gang points individually. And the winning gang will receive these points. 

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