Here you can find the changes made over time


Last Update vor 5 Monaten

Round 184

  • Stats percentage lost in 1 v 1 between players has been increased Wounded 3% / Kill 2%
  • Power of bots in Street Fight has been increased by 50 % but the rewards in stats have readjusted to give lower.
  • Power of bots in district has been increased by 50%
  • Profession from rave description is now available only for VIP. All packs included
  • We have removed The Slums feature since there is no point in having at the moment. It will be revamped in the future
  • Protected accounts will not be receiving kill badges anymore
  • Padrino: New level requirement: 20 kills , except hitman
  • Tripled the number of kills required to reach level 13
  • Triple all base kills required in all DAILY missions and double the base rewards in tickets as well
  • No more assault button in normal NIGHTLIFE clubs. Players can only attack other players ONLY in The Hunting Grounds.

  • Change to bot stats rewards. No change in their Assault power
  • 5 new raves and bots that never change power or reward during the round

  • Reduced the number of Warren Buffet and Pentagon passes needed for Hitman by 50 %

  • Doubled the rewards in tickets for Hitman for both Warren Buffet and Pentagon
  • Divided Hitman’s sabotage powers by 3. An increase from 2.5
  • Reduced Attack Sabotage power of all other professions by 1.5
  • Multiplied the amount of game money players have to pay to sabotage someone by 2
  • Reduced Hitman jail percentage probability by 15% starting level 2.
  • Increase the jail percentage for all other professions by 15% starting lvl 2.
  • Getting out of jail now costs 10 credits instead of 14 for all professions. VIP owners only
  • These last changes are here to balance things a little bit. I understand sabotage is now easier to perform so I decided to make it as costly as possible for those who only make accounts for that purpose. We MAY have an item coming but not for this round.
  • When it comes to jail probability it is quite difficult to control since it is probability we are talking about. I got a lot of feedback from you guys here but like I said before I will take things step by step. I know many of you do not like losing but it is part of the game.
  • New legendary badges
  • The idea is to exchange top 1 country medals with new legendary medals as it follows

Round 183

• End game starts day 45 instead of 40

• Bingo item reduced from 200 to 180 % bonus

• 1 % bonus building production per level for Businessman

• 2 new badges for biggest respect without a VIP and for players with 0 deaths at the end of the round. To get this last one a player must reach level 12.

• New Feature - Hunting Grounds, bots in raves 

Round 182

Game Changes

�On gang bank, you are now able to see how many points you can invest.

�Warren Buffet : -reduce the duration of the rob by 20 minutes from 40 to 20 minutes

�Pentagon : reduce the duration of the rob by 10 minutes from 40 to 30 minutes

Some updates on their rewards as well.

Round 181

� Changes are made to new special gang robberies.  

� You donot need tickets for these robberies any more. You need special pass.

For more details, please click here. 

Round 180

� Warren Buffet required power is now 60 k from 75 K

� Day 1 all professions will start with 200 tickets plus VIP ones. We have decided to give the tickets at the beginning of the day making it easy for us to keep track of the daily tickets and in doing so we will fix some of the rounding issues we had in this area.

Round 179

-New Gang Robberies (new feature) Warren Buffet / The Pentagon will be reactivated.

Round 178

-Halloween special: The Evil Pumpkin robbery is back!

-All players who reach level 12 or more this round will get a special Halloween badge! (this badge will be given only for this round.)

-Labour of Love item increased from 600% to 700%

-Hooker party reduced from 3 to 2 events

-Changed Visible drug component auctions for VIP3 ,


level 1-7 50 auctions,

level 8-9 55 auctions,

level 10 60 auctions,

level 11-12 65 auctions,

level 13 75 auctions

-Reduced the max tickets for robber from 450 to 380

-Robber change : gang robbery bonus at lvl 12 from 25% to 20 % (This change will apply to the other levels as well)

-Hitmans will lose tickets when they get attacked inside rave

-New Gang Robberies (new feature) Warren Buffet / The Pentagon

Click here to see the details regarding new robberies.

Round 177

-Multi connected, secondary accounts will be removed physically at the end of the round.

Round 176

-Nerf Dealer university (Pablo The Kingpin) : For the 3rd course, reduced the bonus when selling to boats from 5% to 3%

-Buff Broker university (Tania The Broker) : For the 3rd course, increased the extra transactions from 12 to 14 and bonus from selling from 10% to 15%

-Buff Robber university (Dillinger The Robber) : For the 3rd course, increased the extra tickets from 20 to 25

-Reduce broker bonus when selling stocks at lvl 12 from 20% to 15%

Round 175

- Hooker party number reduced from 6 to 3

- Pimp: respect required for lvl 11 dropped from 6.5 kk to 6 kk

- Pied Piper

Round 174

- NASA Item bonus reduced from 30$ to 20 $

- Bingo item bonus reduced from 250% to 200 %

- Reduced the expiration time of gang war after it is set to 5 minutes.

- Penalty for declining and not accepting gang war in time is now 1kk points

- Reduced the number of members per gang from 15 to 12 at max level

- Increased the number of trusts per gang from 8 to 10

Round 173

- NASA Item bonus reduced from 50$ to 30 $

- Bingo item will now last only 6 real H

- Bingo will no longer give tickets

Round 172

- Bingo item bonus reduced from 400% to 250%

- Bingo item duration reduced to 2 days TC

- Bingo item ticket reward reduced from 150 to 50

- Robbing Frenzy bonus reduced from 20% to 10 %

- Robber change at lvl 11, we have removed the Police reward

- Robber change at lvl 12, ticket reward reduced from 700 to 400

- Robber change at lvl 13, we have removed both daily events

- A big change when it comes to robber is that now rewards will only be available for the duration of your level.

Round 171

- Changes to BINGO ITEM: now gives a steady 150 tickets, no matter how many times you buy it, and 4 times more money for gang and single robs for 3 TC days (all professions).

- ADDED BONUS TO NASA ITEM: upon activation it will now give a 50$ bonus per drug unit when selling in harbour. This is a new added bonus to the bonuses it already has.The item must be active at the moment of the transaction.

- Goggles of fortune new added bonus: 15% more money when robbing in gang

- Pimp: respect required for level 11 changed to 6.5 kk

- Hooker party: increase the number of events per round from 2 to 6

- Changes to gang robberies: - Oil tycoon 18kk from 12 kk - Bill Gates 28kk from 23 kk - Illuminati 38kk from 35 kk

- Robber changes: We have added events as new rewards to level 9 to 13. One of these events is new "Robbing Frenzy" and gives a 20% bonus money, for all robs, when robbing for that day TC. The event rewards are: 9 - Mugger: Robbing Frenzy 10 - Kingpin: Police Reinforcements 11 - Mobster: Robbing Frenzy, Police Reinforcements, Drug King 12 - Padrino: Robbing Frenzy, Police Reinforcements, Chuck Norris 13 - Godfather: Robbing Frenzy, Police Reinforcements, Chuck Norris NOTE: Police Reinforcements is the old event we already have. The events will not stack meaning that If you level in a day TC when a Police Reinforcements is already active it will not stack with the one with your level.

Round 170

- The Bingo Item will now give less tickets, 500 , but it will give 3 times more money when activated . It is an increase from the 2.5 change we made last round. We understand that the item was still irrelevant and we want to change that Starting this round if you rob in a gang in which you do not have trust you will no longer receive gang points, the gang where you are robbing will receive points but you will not. This is the 1st step of a couple I will make to try and get people to make their own gangs and create some competition between gangs. In future changes the gang will be losing points based on how many NON TRUSTED PEOPLE it has.

- At the moment I think the number of players required to perform any rob is quite low but we could adjust it a little bit more to address some concerns about the number of players available to rob at certain hours.

- Starting this round If you rob in a gang in which you do not have trust you will receive 5% less money per rob. - This is something we had before but it was at a higher percentage.

Round 169

- The Bingo Item will now give less tickets, 500, but it will give 2,5 times more money when activated.

Round 168

- Money laundry item is now 19% from 18% bonus

- We have increased the base minimum numbers of Economy Booming and Black Thursday events. 

Round 167

Round 166

- New 10kk power street fight. 8 members required

- Auctions are now available every 4 h instead of 2 and we have doubled the components. 

- We have reduced the bonus given by the Money laundering item by 2%

- Robbery Uni changes:

1st class : 15% more cash from single robbs

2nd class : 20% more cash from single robbs, 15 tickets / day

3rd class : 20% more cash from gang robbs, 20 tickets / day, reduce class duration from 10 days to 5 days

- Pimp Uni changes :

1st class : 25% discount

2nd class : 25% discount

3rd class : 25% extra earnings, make class duration from 6 day to 10

- Broker Uni changes :

1st class : 4 extra transactions

2nd class : 6 extra transactions, reduce class duration from 5 days to 3 days

3rd class : 12 extra transactions, 10% higher price when selling, reduce class duration from 7 days to 5 days

Round 165


Round 164

- Win 3 bids for one random component (Painkillers, Booze, Weed, Magic mushrooms, Hash). New reward: 30 KK drug sfrom the same component you won

- Win 3 bids for one random component (Opium, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Heroin, Special K, Morphine). New reward: 10 KK drug from the same component you won.

- Sell drugs in dealer for at least 5,000,000,000$ (can be any drug, each drug sold must be added in order to reach the value). New reward: 6 KK Heroin

- This below missions requirement does not increase since players can maximum have 2 transactions on stock market. So, the reward should not increase either since the requirement does not increase. Buy 2 transactions of the following stock random(all stocks). New reward: 25 tickets

- Round prizes have been updated with an option to receive in-game products like VIP and credits worth 50% more than the current cash prize. If the top 1 prize is 200 EUR the in-game products offer will be worth 300 EUR.

Round 163

- Redesigned how the daily missions occur.Daily missions should occur only once per 15 days period

- Reduced the VIP pack gold sabotage bonus from 10% to 5%

- Daily missions were updated, better rewards and we reduced

- Kill 3 foreign players

Rewards: 15k stats ( each trait ) + 30 tickets

- Business purge :Kill 3 players that have the same profession as you

Rewards : 20 k stats ( each trait ) + 40 tickets + 5 kk Heroine

- Kill 3 players that have different professions than yours

Rewards : 15 K stats (each trait ) +25 tickets + 5 kk cocaine

- A pimp’s nightmare : Kill 3 pimps

Rewards : 10 k stats ( each trait ) + 10 French Maid Fify + 20 Miss blonde

- A robber’s nightmare : kill 3 robbers

Rewards : 10 K stats ( each trait ) + 25 tickets + 1 goggle of fortune + cookie item

- A broker’s nightmare : Kill 3 brokers

Rewards : 20 K stats ( each trait ) + 25 tickets + 10 kk opium

- A Bm’s nightmare : Kill 3 businessman

Rewards: 15 k stats ( each trait ) + 1.5 kkk money + 15 tickets

- Start a sabotage on a player

Rewards : 10 transfusions + 200 temp credits + 10 + tickets 

Round 162

- Robber change: A new reward was added at lvl 11: 150 tickets

- Police Reinforcements number has been changed from 6-9 to 7-10

- Pimp change :Respect requirement for lvl 11 reduced to 6kk

- Gang war change : we have removed the DECLINE button.

Round 161


Round 160

- We have increased the gang points loss from declining a gang war from 200 to 500 k.

- Multi accounts will not receive gang points from gang actions

- We have increased the amount of drugs you win from Dice from 900k to 2kk

2 credits dice : 500.000 Drugs

4 credits dice : 1.000.000 drugs

6 credits dice : 2.000.000 drugs

- The impact respect has, percentage wise on top gang was reduced from 5 % to 3 %

- Hire feature will now be available starting day 3

Round 159

- Reduced the number of Gang trusts a player can have during the round from 6 to 2.

- Reduced the maximum trusted members of a gang from 15 to 8.

- Changes to Street Fights:

Prime - AP: 3200000. TM: 7

Milos the Cutter - AP: 4200000. TM: 8

Laski - AP: 6000000. TM: 8

- We have removed gang donations requirements from levels.

- Gang points update on top gang list change. A gang will no longer lose points when a trusted gang member leaves or is kicked from the gang.

Round 158

- Fair Fight 2: New alley mission

- New badge: Godfather badge

- Kill Streak badges are back

- New Item: Half-Blood Transfusion

- Santa Claus Robbery

Round 157

- New gang robbery: World Cup

Round 156


Round 155

- Lottery

Round 154

- Street Fight bots will be a little stronger starting this round

Johnny - AP: 400000. TM: 4

Max's Crew - AP: 800000. TM: 5

Andrew the Butcher's Crew - AP: 1500000. TM: 6

Lobster Girl - AP: 2500000. TM: 7

Prime - AP: 3500000. TM: 8

Milos the Cutter - AP: 4200000. TM: 8

Laski - AP: 6000000. TM: 9

Ms15 Gang - AP: 8000000. TM: 9

- Players will no longer be able to make more than 1 street fight per day TC

- Black Market changes for VIP uses :

lvl 1-7 - 45 auctions

lvl 8-9 - 50 auctions

lvl 10 - 55 auctions

lvl 11-12 : 55 auctions

lvl 13 - 60 auctions

- Reduced the timer in virtual gangs

- Stats distributions for hitman has been changed: Charisma 10%, Intelligent 10%, Strength 45%, Tolerance 35%

- Both defense and attack sabotage power for Hitman were divided by 2.5

Round 153

- New gang robs base rewards per participant:

Forex - 2.450 $

Bank - 2.900 $

Value transport - 8.000 $

Federal reserve - 38.000 $

Steven Seagull - 160.000 $

Manipulate stock market - 275.000 $

Al Capone - 325.000 $

Drug Factory - 425.000 $

Buckingham palace - 925.000 $

Gill Bates - 1.750.000 $

Casino Royale - 9.000.000 $

Fort Knox - 10.500.000 $

Bitcoin Bank - 16.000.000 $

Illuminati - 35.000.000 $

Oil Tycoon of Dubai - 12.000.000 $

Bill Gates - 23.000.000 $

Round 152

- If a street owner will change its status to multi he will lose any street he owns in the district area

- The bingo bonus will now apply to gang robs as well

- VIP PLATINUM owners will now see the following number of auctions on the black market:

Level 7 - 30 auctions per drug

Level 8-9 - 35 auctions per drug

Level 10 - 40 auctions per drug

Level 11-12 - 45 auctions per drug

Level 13 - 50 auctions per drug

Round 151

- With VIP Platinum you will get more drug component auction bids at the Black Market.

- Increased building production bonus for Businessman.

Round 150

- Hardcore item change: Increase it from 350 % to 400 %

- Block district attacks while training

- Gang war expiration time reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes

Round 149


Round 148

- When you die you will spend max 15 real minutes in hospital, regardless of cause of death.

- Assault power bonus for hitman has been increased.

- Ability to set nightclub respect limits have been removed for all professions.

- Stats change percentages has been changed to 1% when wounding another player and 0.5% when killing -regardless of profession. Other bonuses, limits and benefits will be applied to these base values.

- Stats bonus from Ring of Fire has been increased to 15%.

- Wall Street district bonus has been decreased to 1% every 5 days.

Round 147

- Fast recovery item has been removed.

- Training courses has been disabled for multis.

- Hooker buy price bonus has been increased for Pimp.

Round 146

- Gang leaders can choose which upgrades that members can donate to.

- Building production bonus for businessman has been lowered to 40% at level 13.

- Building upgrade price discount for businessman has been lowered to 40% at level 13.

- Crim City robbery is available after day 20 from level 10.

Round 145

- Stock market frenzy item has been changed from 2.5 times bonus to 3.

- Bank investments are available until day 48.

- Attack power of the three largest street fight opponents has been increased by 50%.

- Bingo item has been updated to give 20% money reward bonus as well while the tickets given by the item are used.

Round 144

- Game length has been changed to 52 days

- Top 1 killer will receive 20 reputation points

- Everyone can buy an extra special item

- End game will start day 40

- Training courses are available from day 40

- Drug components gained from robberies will increase day 35

Round 143

- Building upgrade time has been changed for Businessman. Building level 10 will take 1 TC day and level 13 will take 2 TC days.

Round 142

- Fidelity bonus has been changed to give $1 bonus for each level instead of a percentage.

- Events and end game is available on day 40 as well.

Round 141

- Robbery strategy bonus from your trusted gang applies to any gang you rob with.

- Gang points from respect has been lowered from 8% to 5%.

Round 140

- Broker can have 5 buildings from level 2.

- We've added new training courses!

Round 139

- No changes

Round 138

- New item: Stock Market Frenzy. Allows you to sell your stocks at triple the price for 3 game days.

- Required sold drugs to get fidelity bonus has been decreased to 500 000 000 for Dealer.

Round 137

- New feature: Boat fidelity bonus. You will receive bonuses the more drugs you sell to boats.

- Nasa Labs item has been reduced to 200%.

- Randomness in Talisman of Insights has been removed.

- Hooker Party event can come from day 10.

- Bonus from streets in Wall Street District has been doubled and is now 2%.

- Pimp can own 6125 hookers from level 11.

Round 136

- Bitcoin bank is available from level 11

- The Stock Market has been greatly simplified to make it more fun and usable. Stock price increases will occur daily and at events. The risk class of the stock determines how much it will be affected by the price changes.

Round 135

- End game moved to day 30

- Hire robbers for non VIP players is now available every 3 days TC

- You can now purchase a VIP pack every 36 real hour

- The 4 level difference limit for a kill count increased from 4 to 6

- Vip Platinum holders get 10 more bids

- Street fight is available every 2 days(instead of daily as it is right now) with double the power requirement meaning the stats received will also be double

- The following robberies have seen their powers reduced : Drug King, Chuck Norris , Illuminati, Bitcoin, The Crims City.

- The power needed to access the districts has been reduced to 90k

- The power needed to access streets has been reduced to 110k

- Respect given by stats was reduced to 3 kk from 5 kk

- Vip prices have changed to : 5 euros GOLD and 10 euros Plat and Assassin Packs

- Santa Claus Is in TOWN and it will be available from day 10 with 35 K power requirement

- Hitman: Reduced the respect given by stats from 40 kk to 30 kk

- Businessman: Increased labour of love item from 400 % to 600 %

- Pimp: Reduced the Hardcore Item from 400 % to 300 %

- Dealer: Dealers will get 50 % more drugs with each drug mule they receive

Round 134

- Lots of changes! This is a shorter version that you can read all about here: https://thecrims.tawk.help/article/game-guide-shorter-version-40-days

Summary of changes: https://thecrims.tawk.help/article/round-134

Round 133

- After completing Hitman missions at the university you can no longer set respect limits for your raves.

- Drug quantities for Drug Mules has been updated.

- VIP2 and VIP3 allow you to have 2 trusted accounts per round.

- You are now allowed to attack your friends! Feed the hate!

Round 132

- New district: Martial Arts District - will give you stats bonus on single assaults.

- Tickets from Bingo item has been reduced for hitman.

- Gang wars are available from day 5.

Round 131

- 8% of your respect is now included in your gang points.

- Pimp level 13: collected amount from hookers has been decreased to 400000000000.

- VIP packages has been updated.

- New VIP 4 package for hunters has been added.

Round 130

- Updated university class rewards.

- Gang points bonus from VIP 2 has been increased to 15% and for VIP 3 to 20%.

- 3 people can now enter nightclubs at the same time.

- Drug component auction bids can't be higher than 25% of the current highest bid.

- You cant challenge a gang that has a stats position 5 positions lower or higher.

- Only trusted gang members can be assigned as gang leader.

- Trusted gang members are included in the members counter in the gang stats list.

Round 129

- New feature: University. Here you can learn about the game and gain benefits and bonuses.

- Hitman gets 1 respect for ever 4 stats.

- You can own max 3 nightclubs or whorehouses.

- When a gang has active gang war or challenge, members cannot train, robb or enter raves. Also leader cannot be changed for the gang.

Round 128

- Drug component auctions has been increased to 35 of each type.

- The number of visible auctions has been increased by 5 for VIP as follows: VIP 1: 20, VIP 2: 25, VIP 3: 35.

- Multi accounts can only see 5 drug component auctions. VIP packages will not affect this limit.

- If a gang war challenge is cancelled due to one gang not matching the requirements, that gang will lose 2% of their gang points.

- Debt has been removed from buildings. You will only get production if you have enough money to cover the production costs.

Round 127

- No changes

Round 126

- Ticket bonus from Grand Central Station district will increase every 20 days.

- The number of visible auctions has been increased by 5 for VIP as follows: VIP 1: 20, VIP 2: 25, VIP 3: 30.

- Robbery Strategy gang upgrade will only be active when robbing in the gang where the upgrade has been made.

- Gang wars will automatically expire 30 minutes after gang war challenge has been accepted.

- Level requirements have received some updates and adjustments.

- The number of tickets given by the Bingo item has been updated.

Round 125

- A new district that gives daily extra tickets.

- Gang robberies have received new gang point rewards.

- When declining or not answering a gang war challenge your gang will lose 2% of it's assault points.

- The way you receive rewards from training sessions has been updated. When the training session is completed you will receive exactly the rewards shown when the session was initiated.

- Max respect from stats has been reduced to 5 000 000 for all professions except hitman who remains unchanged at 40 000 000.

- When you lose a street you must wait 1 TC day before you can attack a street in another district.

- Two gangs can only challenge each other in a gang war once per day.

Round 124

- You must have at least 10 HP to perform a single assault.

- Gangs must have strategy level 6 to perform street fights.

- VIP players can perform hired robberies every 2 days.

- Districts are no longer available for multis.

- Hitman starts with 110 HP.

- Items can now be used with Hire Robbers. Already activated items will be paused during the robbery.

Round 123

- Your Miss Blonde hookers are automatically added to your whorehouse when you buy one.

Round 122

- NASA Labs item now increase production by 200%

Round 121

- Changed Bingo item to 1000 tickets.

- Number of drugs delivered by Drug Mules is set at the time of the call.

- You can only receive one drug delivery from Drug Mules per 48 hours, regardless of what gang you are in.

- Drug Mules upgrade prices has been increased for level 5, 6 and 7.

- Gang Street Fights can be made once every 4 game days.

- Hush Money gang upgrade now requires Robbery Strategy upgrade level 9.

- Warren Buffet robbery will be available from day 60.

- You can now own max 5 raves or whorehouses.

Round 120

- New features for gangs: Street Fights, Gang Bank, and Drug Mules.

- Stock quantity has been increased to 200000000.

- Assault power bonus for Hitman has been increased to 25% at level 12.

- Black Thursday event will change prices between 5-10%.

- The victim of an assault will lose a ticket as well when assaulted in a nightclub.

- Economic Boom and Police Reinforcements events will come more often.

- Pimp must have sold to 4 boats to complete level 11.

- Businessman will now have a deficit of 7% when selling drugs to the dealer.

Round 119

- Talking Stone item now gives 25% bonus.

- Max gang members has been changed to 15.

- Gang upgrade prices has been updated and are now the same for every upgrade type.

- A player can have 4 trusted gangs per round.

- After you lose trust in a gang you must wait 5 game days to get a new one in a new gang.

- A gang can give a max of 15 trusts per round.

- Only trusted members can donate to a gang.

- Stats lost when a street is attacked by a thug is now 2.5%.

- All virtual gang robberies give 20% less cash.

- You can own only one street in Silicon Valley district.

- Required gang robbery participation in order for gang points to count has been increased to 50%.

Round 118

- Silicon Valley district streets will start at 0.5% bonus.

- Each district now has 50 streets.

- Gang points from gang robberies has been doubled.

- VIP players will not have their usernames shown on streets they own.

- All gang robberies are now available as virtual gang robberies. Two gangs per robbery.

- Added new special components: Bingo & Component Addict.

- Buildings for LSD, ecstasy and hash been brought back.

- Certain items can now be paused and resumed at a later time.

- Component bonuses are calculated as follows: original quantity * (profession bonus + item bonus + other bonuses).

Round 117

- Added new district Silicon Valley that gives bonus on investments.

- All districts now have 30 streets.

- Time in nightclubs has been limited to 8 seconds.

- Gang point change at gang assault is now always 2%.

- Stats distribution from assaults is now the same for all professions.

- Stock market transactions per day has been reduced to 2 for all professions except Broker.

- Broker can now have max 4 buildings.

- Respect formula has been updated. $30000 now gives 1 respect.

- Trying to buy stocks that have sold out will cost you 1 transaction. This has been added to combat spamming.

- Stats change when attacked in a street has been lowered to 1%.

- End Game will start at day 90.

Round 116

- A new feature called Districts has been introduced. You can take over streets in districts to gain different bonuses.

- Added attack power bonuses for all VIP packages.

- Added gang point bonuses for all VIP packages.

- Gang leaders will no longer be kicked from the gang when killed in a gang assault.

- Max respect for protection has been changed to 50 000.

Round 115

- Robber has 4 building slots as default and 5 slots available after level 4.

- One training session now costs 50% stamina.

- The Crim City robbery is available for robbers from day 60.

- Increased money gains from single robberies for Robber.

Round 114

- The number of visible drug component auctions is linked to your VIP package.

Round 113

- Round length has been changed to 120 game days.

- Investment package 1 is available from day 80.

- Investment package 2 is available from day 81.

- Endgame will start day 100.

- Hacker attack event is available from day 81.

- Gang points from several gang robberies has been increased.

- Robbery difficulties has been decreased by 20% except for robberies that give drug component rewards.

- Free hookers will no longer be given in nightclubs.

- 15% of your respect will be added to your gang points.

- Gang upgrade costs has been reduced by 75%.

- Pimp will received max earnings from hookers at level 8.

- All level 12 kill requirements have been moved to 13.

- Added new benefits to VIP packages.

- Raves and whorehouses are displayed on the same page at Nightlife.

- Login to trusted account can now only be done through a button in the trusted account section.

- The way you take drugs at nightclubs has been redesigned. The first time you click on the buy button your stamina will go up to 100%. The second time you will take an overdose so be careful.

Round 112

- Round length has been changed to 140 game days.

- Kills will not be given for assaults on accounts when the difference in level between attacker and victim is more than 4.

- Hitman can only add drug Booze to nightclubs.

- Nightclub and whorehouse names will no longer be visible in the nightlife listings.

- Nightclubs has been changed so you must click the exit button in order to leave. Assaults can still be done as usual.

- Charisma requirement for Pimp levels has been removed.

- Gang assaults will no longer give stats, only gang points will be given.

- Attack count for single and gang assaults has now been decoupled and are counted separately.

- Charisma will no longer affect the earnings from hookers. Instead the earnings increase by level.

Round 111

- Spying on other players has been removed.

- You can only buy a VIP package once every 48 hours.

- You will only receive one VIP badge per round even if you buy multiple VIP packages.

- VIP packages have been improved.

- Training items can be activated from the training page.

- Round length has been changed to 160 game days.

- Painkillers and amphetamine can now be produced in buildings again.

- Max buildings for Businessman at level 13 has been changed to 3750.

- Single robbery cash rewards for Robber has been increased by 5%.

Round 110

- New VIP packages has been introduced with benefits and new price points. VIP packages can no longer be upgraded. VIP packages become 50% cheaper after day 100 and will only last for the round and then expire.

- We have introduced a new prize structure for winners. For each VIP package sold money is put in a pot that will be distributed to the winners.

- Drug prices have been updated.

- Now you can have two laboratories.

- New components have been added and robberies updated.

Round 109

- Drug component market has been redesigned. You can no longer create auctions. New auctions will automatically be created every 3 real hours.

- Stock market transactions has been updated to 6 buy or sell for all characters except Broker. Max quantity when buying or selling is 999999.

- Dealer character now gets 100% more drug components from robberies compared to other characters.

- Fightclub has been removed until further notice. We will redesign it and release a new version in a future round.

- Building upgrade times for businessman has been lowered.

Round 108

- New drug market!

- Hitman stats rewards has been update to give less strength and more of the other types.

- You can now get 20 kills from each player.

- Max members in a gang is now 13. Required participants for gang robberies have been adjusted accordingly.

- Max profit from hookers is attained at 1500000 charisma for all characters.

- Gang leader now decides if gang assault victim is kicked from the gang or not.

- Top 3 gangs will receive medals.

- All VIP packages have received 15 more events!

Round 107

- Beta is private and is available through invite only.

- Businessman have 6 building slots again.

Round 106

- Increased required time for building upgrades. Adjusted production at each building level. Max production has not been changed.

- Standard nightclubs are only available until level 3.

- Adjusted level 13 requirements for all professions.

- Prizes for top killers have been increased by 1000 credits!

- Hooker pictures are back!

- Hitman can't buy nightclubs or whorehouses before level 2.

- Nightclubs and whorehouses will double in price every time you buy one.

Round 105

- Bill Gates is available as a virtual gang robbery.

- Prices for stats at the hospital have been increased.

- Respect and points from money have been reduced by 50%.

- Money Laundry item will be available until day 104.

- Required kills have been reduced for all professions except Hitman.

- Bank investments have been redesigned and new investment opportunities have been added that can be used after day 104.

- New badges will be given to the player with the most respect for each character. The badges have been nicely designed by AstroCrims.

- The number of listed nightclubs in Nightlife has been limited.

Round 104

- Round length has been shortened to 168 days this round.

- End Game will start at day 140.

- Hitman will not see the names of nightclubs.

Round 103

- The number of transactions at the drug dealer has been decreased to 30.

- The price from boat sales has been increased for the Dealer profession by 5% after level 10.

- Removed extra training session for Hitman profession after level 8.

- Labour Of Love item lasts 6 days.

- Russian Oligarchs will come day 115 and Bitcoin Bank day 135.

- Increased gang points from Illuminati, Bitcoin Bank and Russian Oligarchs.

- Hitman's extra assault power has been changed from max 25% to max 15%.

- Dealer profession has max 35 transactions at the drug dealer.

Round 102

- A 13th level has been added to all characters!

- Hookers will never die when pimp collects money.

- Visitors page for your own raves has been disabled.

- Drug rewards from dice game have been increased by 50%.

- More inventory points will be given for hookers.

- Max members in a gang has been lowered to 25.

- Robberies have been updated with new requirements.

- New single robbery: Millionaire Yacht.

Round 101

- Removed robbery cover from virtual gangs.

- Increased all gang upgrades by 30%.

- Adjusted all characters.

- Updated special items.

- New item: Condoms.

- New events: China Dolls (increase hooker production) & Work Inspection (increase building production).

- Stats gains from assaults have been adjusted to 2% for kills and 4% for other hits.

- For hitman only 3% for kills and 5% for other hits.

- Two new gang robberies: Russian Oligarchs & Bitcoin Bank.

Round 100

- Characters are back in a new and updated format!

- You can get max 20 kills from the same player.

- New robbery for Robbers: The Crim City.

- Max respect from stats is 10 000 000.

- Adjusted End Game event due to character changes. End game will start day 165.

Round 99.1

- Added hide inventory points item

Round 99

- Changed max gang members to 45

Round 98

- Round length is 180 game days.

- Production from Pharmacy, Brewery, Weed field, Mushroom field, LSD Lab, and Hash field have been reduced.

- Daily maintenance costs for all buildings have been increased.

- The number of building slots available for each level has been adjusted.

- Building upgrade costs have been increased.

- You can now edit your profile and select if whorehouses or nightclubs should be shown as default in the nightlife section.

Round 97

- We have redesigned the building system. Read all about it in the game guide.

- The transaction system at the drug dealer has been changed. You will get more transactions for every level you pass. You can also use skill points to get more transactions.

- You can no longer login to trusted accounts if you've been banned.

Round 96

- The time limit for when you can join a new virtual gang has been removed.

- Added graphs of historic stock prices.

- Added profile setting to stop receiving notifications from successful gang robberies.

Round 95

- Everyone starts with 5 stock market transactions. More transactions can be added from skill points.

- Time limit in nightclubs has been changed to 15 seconds.

- Guards now also protect you in single assaults.

- Money Laundry item is now available all round.

- You can attack another player twice per day.

- True Fighter training has been changed to only reduce intelligence and charisma.

- Max respect from stats is 8 000 000.

- Skill point reset has been changed so you must sell hookers or buildings that are above the max quantity you can own without the skill.

Round 94

- This round we introduce a new feature: Stock market. You can buy and sell stocks to make money.

- Gang assaults have been updated. The amount of stats you receive depends on how many times you've assaulted your opponent in the past.

- Max respect from stats is now 17000000.

- Raves are back to normal, no more anonymous raves.

- You can now assault someone directly from within a rave. You can only assault someone when in a rave. Once you leave the rave you can't be assaulted or assault anyone. Hence, red relations has been removed.

- All gang members must have enough stats for a gang robbery or everyone will go to jail.

- The earnings composition from hookers has been changed. Max 30% of the earnings from a hooker will come from stats. The rest will come from your level.

- Single assaults between trusted accounts will not give any stats.

- New item: Roofies.

- New training session: True Fighter.

Round 93

- The maximum amount of respect you can gain from stats is 25 000 000.

- This round we introduce a reputation system. Your reputation will follow you between rounds and increase if you are amongst the top 20 international players. Top 1 will get 20 points, top 2 will get 19 points and top 20 will get 1 point.

- Stats gains from assaults have been updated. Both single and gang assaults now give 4% when the victim is wounded and 2% when killed.

- Guards are back in a new version!

- You can now select which square you want to visit without changing the game language.

- Only 1 skill point reset is allowed per round.

- The risk of going to jail will increase with 5% for each difference in level between attack and victim. For example if player A is level 5 and player B is level 7 the increased risk of going to prison (for the winner) is 10%.

- You can now use emoticons in chats, guest books and in your profile.

- Winner cash prizes have been updated.

- Level requirements have been updated.

Round 92

- Bounty Hunting has been closed and replaced by They Alley. In The Alley you can find new and exciting missions when you reach a new level.

- Production from buildings have been slightly changed.

- A new VIP package has been introduced and we have updated the old ones as well.

- The new VIP package enables a new set of weapons and armors.

- Anonymous nightclubs have been activated again and as a consequence of that whorehouses are no longer present in Nightlife. A nightclub can only have one predefined drug. You can't change or update this drug.

Round 91

- The weapons have been redesigned to have specific usages: assault, single robbery or gang robbery.

- Robberies have been adjusted to fit with the new weapon structure.

- Armors have also been adjusted.

- We've added more stats on hooker earnings and drugs collected for VIP users.

- The price of heroin and Special K have been adjusted.

- The power formulas for assault and robbery have been updated. You can see how the powers are calculated by clicking on them in your profile.

- The credit price for boat benefit has been updated.

Round 90

- Required robbery power is displayed on robberies and your robbery power is displayed in your profile.

- Training is now allowed while in prison.

- The Illuminati gang robbery can now be accessed at level 11, strategy level is longer required.

- You can be automatically kicked from your gang when your gang is attacked by another gang. This option is on by default and you can disable it on the edit profile page.

- Training Booster is a new item that will instantly complete your training session.

- A new event robbery has been added: The Sea Captain! By Flavio92

- On special occasions boats will now buy two different drugs at the docks.

- You will now receive stat points from certain levels and turn them into any stat you want.

Round 89

- Information about the next boat in the harbour is now free.

- Trusted accounts are back! You can allow one of your friends per round to manage your account.

- The player with the most gang points of the round will received a special badge.

- The 3 players who made the single largest drug sales to a boat will receive special badges.

- A new event robbery has been added: Narcotics Brigade.

Round 88

- Businesses have been moved to the Buildings section.

- We have changed the name of the Arms Dealer to Black Market.

- When robbing with virtual gangs you will no longer receive gang points.

Round 87

- Fight Club has received some well needed updates. You can now win and lose stats on fight club challenges. You get 0.1% stats the difference between your stats and the victim's stats is 90% or more, otherwise you get 1%. You can only challenge players 5 places above or 2 below our current position.

- Hookers are back at nightlife! Whorehouses are no longer need to buy hookers. Instead whorehouses are used for nightlife purposes. Visiting a hooker to get stamina generally costs more than drugs but you can see exactly how much stamina you will get. There is a risk of getting too much pleasure and ending up at the hospital.

- Everyone gets a free daily dice roll at the casino from day 10. You need to login every day to get the free roll otherwise it will be lost.

- Three classic hookers that can only be won at the dice game have been reintroduced: Patricia (max earnings $1,000,006), Pearl (max earnings $1,150,000), and French Maid Fifi (max earnings $1,300,650).

- Weapons and armours have been adjusted to be more useful.

- The badges have been redesigned thanks to Madzia.

Round 86

- When killing a gang through gang assault you will get 3% stats instead of normal 5%.

- You can assault the same player twice per TC day.

- You can own two raves.

- The length of the special items have been adjusted.

- The level requirements have been slightly updated.

- You can make small bribes in the prison to lower your sentence.

- Everyone will start with 200 tickets.

- The Dice Game has been redesigned with better prizes.

- Prizes have been increased for both international top and killers.

- You can only enter nightclubs where the owner is online.

- Hospital time for taking an overdose has been lowered to 30 minutes.

- Talking Stone item now gives a 10% discount.

Round 85

- Gang robbery requirement for Capo has been updated.

- The required cash bribe to escape from prison will decrease the longer time you stay in prison.

- Plastic surgery will cost money even though you have no relations to delete.

- VIP users can hide their achievements in their profiles.

- A new single robbery has been introduced day 90: The Vatican.

- Some single robberies have received new difficulty levels.

- The max amount of accumulated tickets you can have is now 300.

- Special item prices have been decreased.

- Required gang donations to pass levels have been increased.

- The gang robberies Warren Buffet and Fort Knox have received new difficulty levels.

- Illuminati is a new special gang robbery that will be available on random days after day 100.

- Special items can be stopped at any time now, however when an item is stopped it will be removed.

- New players will receive a free VIP package for 12 TC days when signing up.

- All players will start with 150 nightlife tickets.

Round 84

- Hookers will produce the same amount of earnings at 2 000 000 charisma as they did in round 82 with 3 000 000 charisma.

- Maximum number of gang members has been lowered to 30.

- Some weapon and armor prices have been reduced.

- Gains from training have been increased.

- Special item gains have been adjusted.

- Special item prices have been increased.

Round 83

- Max production for hookers is reached at 2 000 000 charisma.

- Max buildings you can own is reached at 2 000 000 tolerance.

- Drug dealer deliveries will come every 2 days.

- Earnings from robberies have been slightly decreased.

- For the first time ever in TC history we have adjusted the respect gained from stats.

- We've lowered it by 50% to fit with the rest of the updates for this round.

- Gang assaults give 3% stats.

- Fort Knox requires 50% stamina and gives the double amount of money.

- Nomex armor gives 10% of your tolerance as protection.

- New skill that increases the amount of whorehouses you can own.

- You can assault anyone you meet at nightclubs, even those you have on you friends list.

- The limit on max number of relations has been removed. The friend relations will from now on be your main contact list for friends in TC.

- 5 real days before the round ends something extra ordinary happens: End Game starts. During End Game all robberies will give 50% more money. End Game lasts until the round ends.

- 24 real hours before the round ends yet another exciting event takes place: Grande Finale. During these intensive hours gang assaults will give 6% stats.

- The Black Market has received 4 new special items. You can in total buy 8 of these items during the round. You can own only one at a time.

- You will receive 0.5% stats gains when assaulting players or gang that have 70% lower stats or less than you. - - This applies both to single and gang assaults. This rule applies during End Game as well.

- Stamina is not required to do training.

- Gang members can leave their gang after the round has ended.

- The single assault limit is once every game day instead of once every 6 hours.

- 2 hour training period has been removed.

Round 82

- Nightclub price has been lowered to $25000.

- Protection will be removed at 15000 respect.

- You can now do single assaults while in a virtual gang.

- Players will no longer lose stats when being attacked by a crew member of higher rank than moderator.

- New skill: lower risk of going to prison when doing single assaults.

- The & sign can be used in gang names.

- Language can now be changed from the "Edit profile" option.

- The number of friends you can have has been limited to 20.

- Virtual gang robberies that have not been executed after 15 minutes due to lack of participants will automatically be filled up with AI members so the robbery can be executed.

- Gang assaults give 1-2%.

- You can assault the same user once every TC day.

- The price of Special K has been increased to compete with Heroin.

- Earnings from robberies have been slightly increased.

- 3 hour training period has been removed.

Round 81

- We have reworked one of the fundamentals of the game: professions. Professions have been remove and replaced by the skill point system. When you enter the game you have no specialisation. Every time you complete a level you will receive skill points that you distribute between different skills. There are new skills this round that you can improve to increase the amount of stats you receive from robberies.

- Normal raves with names are back again. You can own one rave and set max respect on it but not min respect.

- Gang assaults give 2-3%.

- Gang leaders can choose to automatically kick the victim of a gang assault.

- You can assault the same user once every 6 hours.

- Kills from banned accounts will not be removed.

- Cash rewards from all robberies have been reduced.

Round 80

- Warren Buffet will be available after day 90.

- Gang robbery participation requirement has been lowered to 10%.

- You can change profession only once.

- Max respect for protection has been increased to 50 000.

- New badge: Largest respect change of the day.

- Respect intervals for raves are 0-100k, 100k-infinity again.

- When losing a fight club challenge you will lose stats.

Round 79

- Total price when buying or selling drugs will be calculated on screen for VIP users.

- You can reset your skill points after day 50 for 20 credits.

- The amount of drugs won at the Dice Game will increase with your level.

- The drug price increase on boats has been lowered to max 25% to be better balanced with the new skill points.

- Nightclubs can only have the respect intervals 0 to 350000 and 350001 to infinity. Standard/admin nightclubs have no respect limits.

- Warren Buffet now requires 50% stamina.

- It always cost 1 ticket to enter your own rave, even if you don't take any drugs or meet anyone.

- The gang leader of the winning gang will receive a special medal. Feature suggested by eagleking52.

- The max bet at the casino has been reduced by 30%.

- A new fight club competition type is available: 1 vs 1 Round Challenge. The player who win the most stats during the round in single assaults will win credits. Feature suggested by MoDyRuLeZ.

- Gang assaults give 1% stats.

- Single assaults are no longer limited.

- Trusted gang membership is a new feature this round. Gang leaders can set a gang member to be trusted which means he can leave and enter the gang as he please. Feature suggested by SepedaOntel.

Round 78

- Anonymous raves are activated again.

- Single robberies above "Maffia Boss" have been adjusted to be more profitable.

- Extra tickets for VIP Package 2 will be given at new day instead of being spread out over the day.

- User resets can only be done after day 20. The number of resets have been decreased to two per round.

Round 77

- A new skill system has been introduced. For every level you complete you receive skill points that you can convert into a skill of your choice.

- Bounty hunting is back!

- The robbery section has been redesigned to be much faster.

- Max bet at the casino increase for every level you complete.

- Weapons and armours bought for credits won't be deleted when you reset your account.

- Credit price for Mean Machine has been lowered to 10 credits.

- Nomex Plated Armor can be bought for 10 credits.

- Stats gained at single assaults will no longer be affected by the number of attacks between two accounts.

- Gang assaults give stats and gang points.

- The building production benefit has been redesigned. Buy one benefit and it will give you extra production for all buildings!

- The round is 154 days.

Round 76

- Respect from money has been restored to 1 respect per $10000.

- Points from GA have been increased to be more useful for gangs.

- Drug prices will automatically adjust based on increases or decreases in production.

- Drug prices can now have up to two decimals. This applies both to drug dealer and nightclub drug prices.

- You will receive hookers from tasks even if you don't have enough whore houses.

- The Casino has got a new game - Dice Game! You can win everything from tickets to drugs.

- A new VIP package that gives 15 extra tickets per day.

- Medals will be given for rank 2 and 3 as well in every country.

Round 75

- You can only single assault a player once per TC day. Stats gains from single assaults has been adjusted to 5-8% of the victim's stats.

- Gang assaults doesn't give stats anymore, only gang points.

- Nightclubs have been restored to their classic appearance with names and search options. You can assault players directly from within the nightclubs.

- Money gives half the respect compared to previous rounds, $20000 will give 1 respect. Money invested in buildings, businesses, hookers or donations to your gang will give 1 respect for every $10000.

- Daily maintenance costs for businesses has been removed.

- Daily maintenance costs for buildings has been set to 1% of the buy price.

- Special gang upgrades has been introduced - check 'em out! This is an evolution of the original system suggested by Kowcyk.

- Training has been enabled for level 3 and above. You can train 2 times per day and the max length of training is 3 hours after level 10.

- Players starting late will receive a bonus of 50% of the tickets given until the day they register. Example, a user registering at day 50 will receive 150 + (50-1) * 12 * 0.5 = 444 tickets.

- Fort Knox is available as a virtual gang.

- The special robberies you find at the nightclubs will last for 5 minutes.

- Created more filtering options for the user stats lists. 5 special Fight Clubs have been created in the Nightlife section. To enter these clubs at least 50% of your respect must come from stats. Feature suggested by JoKeR

- You can own max 2 nightclubs/raves.

- There is no limit to how many times you can change profession. After your first two changes you can't pay with cash anymore and the credit price will increase.

- Sherlock's Office has been moved and redesigned to be more useful and less complicated. Instead of having to buy spy kits you only have to click the spy button once to get the desired report.

Round 74

No changes

Round 73

- Gains from gang assaults has been lowered to 0.5-2%

- The max number of required gang members to do any gang robbery is now 12. The difficulties have been adjusted to match the requirements from previous rounds.

- Gang points has been redesigned to give more points to the individual players and less to the gang itself. You can read all about this change in the Gangs section in the Game Guide.

- You can own max 5 nightclubs, each nightclub can only sell one drug at a time. All drugs are prices as at the drug dealer.

Round 72

- Items are back! You will randomly find them when you are doing single robberies, however they are quite hard to find these days!

- The gang points for event gang robs has been increased.

- Casino Royale is now the highest robbery for virtual gangs.

- Training gains has been increased. You will get the same stats for the same length of training.

- The fightclub has been completely redesigned.

- The single and gang assault gains have been adjusted to depend on the difference between the attacker's and the victim's stats, for gang assaults it is the total stats of the attacking gang vs the total stats of the victim gang. - - More information is available in the game guide

- The 1000 respect bonus for hitman when doing a kill has been removed.

- The gang center can be accessed when at the emergency.

- New players will receive 5 free jail breakouts and 5 free private care sessions at the emergency.

- Autostart of gang robberies is activated again.

- A new feature this round is random people that you can meet in the nightclubs and then rob. Follow the instructions on screen and reap the benefits!

Round 71

- Boats can pay up to 40% more for low priced drugs.

- The professions have been redesigned to be more distinct. Check out the game guide for full details.

- Prices for changing professions have been adjusted.

- After changing profession you will stay on the same level as with the previous profession.

- Flags are displayed on nightclub visitors.

- Respect limits can only be set within specific limits.

- You can own max one nightclub or rave party.

- A modified version of Fight Club is back. You can't win stats or kills, only work on your winning streak. You won't die or go to jail in these fights. You can win badges when reaching different winning streak levels. (submitted by Cdv2)

- The top killer rewards have been increased, 2000 credits for the top 1 killer!

- Medals will be given to top killer 4 and 5 as well.

- Gang ranks are now based on gang points again instead of respect.

- The stats prices at the hospital has been changed back to pre multi prices.

- In order to change profession you must comply with the limitation of that profession. For example if you are a businessman and have 4000 buildings and want to switch to pimp you will have to sell off buildings until you have the max number of buildings for that profession.

- The stats gains from single assaults will decline when you attack the same user over and over again. For hitman this decline will go 50% slower.

- Red relations will last for 10 seconds only, so be quick to attack your victims!

- We have adjusted how max drug factories and max whore buildings are calculated. These numbers are now linked to your level as well.

Round 70

- Multis are NOT allowed. All multis will be deleted before the round starts.

- Nightclubs and raves will be anonymous so you will not be able to see what exact club you enter. This change is to promote a one account playing style and make it harder to do stats transfers.

- You will get 1 ticket per 5 minutes and you can accumulate max 200 tickets. You can enter raves for free but it will cost you 1 ticket if you take drugs or meet someone.

- You will be kicked from any rave after 1 minute so be quick to take your drugs :)

- When you sell drugs to the dealer they will not appear at once.

- Earnings on top single robberies has been lowered.

- Cover is off on all gang robberies.

- Weapon prices are back to what we had before the multi rounds.

- You can change character once.

- The game length will be 184 TC days.

Round 69.3

- Cover is enabled only up to the Al Capone gang robbery.

- The payout for the single robbery "Motorcycle Gang" has been lowered by 20% and "Chuck Norris" and "Santa" has been lowered by 45%.

- You can only do 30 transactions per day at the drug dealer, multis can do 10.

- Your stats will show on your profile page after the round has ended to make it easier for you if you forgot to note them yourself :)

- Multis can not join Fight Chat.

- Banned accounts will not receive drug or hooker production while banned.

- Training has been disabled for rabbits.

- You can only accept a GA if you are inside the gang when it is set.

- Gang points are calculated based on the total respect of the gang members.

- Gangs will be dissolved if they are killed during a GA.

- The Nomex armor has been increased in price to $10,000,000 and gives 2000 tolerance.

- Hooker payouts have been decreased by 30%.

Round 69.2

- Multis are allowed for this round only! After this round has ended all found multis will be deleted and totally removed from the game.

- Game length is 184 days.

- You can login to 10 different hosts (www1.thecrims.com - www10.thecrims.com) with 10 different accounts at the same time.

- Recruitment rewards has been removed.

- Rabbit mode is back! Rabbit mode is used for multis and allow you to share your rabbit account with other players. Read all about it in the game.

- Top 1 will win $500 USD! Top 2 will get 6000 credits and top 3 will get 3000 credits.

- Trusted accounts are back!

- Special rules apply to this round, make sure you read them!

- Items will not be included in fight challenges.

- Items will not be available this round.

- Max gang members is 80 this round.

- Max production from factories is given at 5000 intelligence.

- Stats prices in hospital has been adjusted to old values as well as max quantity that you can buy is 99 again.

- Drug sales are instantly added to the drug dealer.

- Tickets have been changed back to the "classic" system where you get 12 tickets every new TC day. You can accumulate an unlimited number of tickets.

- It costs 1 ticket to enter a nightclub and 0 tickets to take drugs.

- You can change character of your main account twice but only once for your multis.

- Hooker earnings have been increased by 20% and pimps get a 5% extra bonus.

- Cover is available on all gang robberies except Fort Knox. When cover is used you will only receive 20% of the money.

- Rabbits can only do 10 transactions at the drug dealer per day.

Round 69

- All existing accounts will receive 10 free credits that can be used during this round!

- Stamina cost for collecting, buying and selling hookers and weapons has been removed. We have also removed the stamina cost for bank actions and surgery.

- Mean Machine weapon and Nomex armor can no longer be bought with credits.

- Prison time when failing a single robberies has been adjusted and will increase with higher level. Maximum time in prison can only be achieved at the highest level.

- Gang points from Gang Assaults has been adjusted and redesigned. Previously Gang Points where based on the winning gang's stats, now we base it on the losing gang's stats instead. This will result in about 50% less gang points if you compare and assault in Round 68 to one in Round 69. We hope this will improve the balance between Gang Points from Gang Assaults and Gang Robberies.

- Two new event single robbery events: Chuck Norris (200 000 difficulty), Santa Claus (150 000 difficulty).

- Captchas won't come as often as in previous rounds.

- We have created a new type of bonus products or enhancements that we simply call "items" since they can basically be anything. You can receive these items when completing a single robbery or a level. You can see what items you own on the Equipment page and activate them from there. You can't sell or transfer items to another player, they are for you only :)

- The penalty for losing a gang robbery has been decreased from 10-30% to 4-8%

- Protected gangs can no longer be created by normal players. We are preparing for a new feature that we call Helpers. Helpers are players with a mission to help new players to learn the game and get started.

Round 68

New event: Peace Day! This event lasts for one TC day. During this time red relations are disabled, which means you can only do assaults from fight club challenges. All robberies will also give 30% more stats than normally! Take the opportunity to bond with your gang and rob as much as you can!

Only protected accounts are visible in nightclubs for protected users.

Robbery power is shown in the gang member list.

Fixed bug: some stats positions in the historic stats tables has been wrongly logged. The bug has been fixed but the previous stats positions are lost. Correct numbers will be logged from round 68.

The limit when selling drugs to the drug dealer has been removed.

Round 67

- Some of the basic character traits have been removed.

- Players that are mentioned in the newspaper will received special badges for their achievements!

- Max gang members has lowered to 25.

- You can train 2 times per day the first 10 days, counting from the day you first login. After that the training times will be restored to normal.

- We have taken the first steps to make the design more mobile friendly. This is a work in progress and will not be totally completed this round. We are aiming to have a final version in round 68 which will involve more design improvements.

- Quests can now be paused and resumed whenever you want.

- The amount of stamina you get from taking a drug is now displayed in the nightclubs. This is an approximate value and can differ with +-1%.

- Training time now counts from when the training starts and not from when the training is completed. This means if you start training one minute before a new day starts then that training session will be counted on that day and not on the day when it is completed.

Round 66

- Single robberies have been divided into 5 stamina categories: 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% and 50%.

- You can own max 2 nightclubs.

- Stats gains from gang assault have been lowered to 4-6%.

- Stats gains from single assault have been lowered to 5-8% and 2-3% if you kill the victim.

- Stamina cost of selling and buying buildings has been removed.

- A new casino event has been added that can raise the max bet 100-300%!

- Prices for hospital and prison are back to 10 credits but new events will lower the prices on special days during the round.

- The characters and their levels have been extended with new bonuses. Check out the Game Guide and read all about it.

- Hooker earnings has been increased. Miss Blonde will give $900 000 at 3 000 000 charisma.

- In you profile settings you can enable a sound to be played when ever a new red relation is created.

- New badges have been added. Icons made by Lorc. Available on http://game-icons.net

Round 65

- Both gang and single robberies have been updated with new difficulties. Gang robberies have been lowered with about 30% compared to last round. Cover has been removed on Casino Royale and Fort Knox. The rest of the gang robberies require 50% of the difficulty in order to see it in the list. You can see a complete list of the gang robberies in the game guide.

- Min respect for getting killed has been lowered from 500 to 200.

- Delay when selling drugs to dealer - this means if you sell drugs to the dealer the drugs won't be added to stock at once. The drugs will be added within 10 minutes to 2 hours after the sale.

- Friends icon will turn into red when red relation is created.

- Hookers and building payouts have been rebalanced to: Tolerance 3000000. Max Nr. of buildings 3200 (3500 with VIP). Charisma: 3000000. Max Earnings from Miss Blonde Per day: $600.000. See the game guide for complete lists.

- Visitor list in nightclubs updates automatically and the friends icon turns red when a new visitor enter.

- Gang assault messages now contain how much stats was lost or gained.

- Credit prices for prison, hospital and the spy kit to find out the drug dealer transactions have been reduced to 5 credits instead of 10.

- Auto update of gang robberies.

- Kills from accounts that are permanently banned will be automatically removed from accounts that have received then.

Round 64

- We have modified how it is decided if you succeed in a robbery or not. Up until now you have had to have exactly the power needed or more to succeed in a robbery. In this round we instead use probability meaning if you have 70% chance of success you will succeed 7 times out of 10 and so on.

- Two new events have been added that will give 50% discount on hospital and prison break outs.

- The design has been slightly updated and we have added a new notification icon for levels and quests. When you have fulfilled the criteria of a part of your quest or level the task icon will light up and indicate that you can go ahead and complete it. With this change we have also created a new separate page where you can see the progress of your levels and quests.

- We have added a notebook for VIP users where you can jot down what ever you want.

- Max earnings from all hookers have been dramatically lowered and now max earnings from Miss Blonde at 20kk is $1505137.

- Killing the same user over and over again will increase the risk of going to prison.

- The character levels have been adjusted and balanced.

- A new "winning streak" counter has been added to fight club showing the number of fights you've had in a row without losing. The users with the highest winning streak numbers will be shown in a special section on the stats page as well. Note that your victim must have at least 75% of your stats for your win to be counted. Feature suggested by Grand, thanks!

- In your profile you can now see a special Recruitment page with all your recruited friends gathered. You can see their progress and what rewards you will receive when they reach the next level.

- Due to popular demand nightclubs have received a face lift.

Round 63

- Every now and then gangs from the suburbs of Crim City will come to town and look for new prospects. These gangs do gang robberies only and to join them simply fill out a gang member application and you will automatically be accepted when there is room. This feature is first and foremost a help for new players to get started and build stats and money.

- The Alley is back so far with the old quests only. During the beta new quests will be added.

- A protection mechanism has been added to aid new players. While under protection you can join gangs with other protected players and do gang robberies, you can't assault in these gang. Protection will be removed automatically when you reach 80000 respect or when your account is 16 TC days old.

- Fight chat kills don't count as kills anymore

- The auto logout option has been removed from the profile, during this round you will always be logged out when you are inactive (just as before round 60)

Round 62

- The characters have been redesigned. Each character now has it's own specific levels. Read all about the characters in the Guide.

- Avatar is no longer changed at the hospital, instead you change avatar in the Edit profile section.

- Gangs can recruit new members by enabling the new membership application option. Check out the gang settings for more information.

Round 61

- The number of buildings you can own is now only determined by your tolerance. You will be able to own the exact same number of buildings as in previous rounds.

- New activation days for gang robberies: Drug factory day 5, Fuckingham Palace day 10, Gill Bates day 20, Casino Royale day 40 and Fort Knox day 60.

- Fight challenges are now removed when you exit the fight chat.

- Gang points will be given for all gang assaults. 80 stats are worth 1 gang point.

- Individual gang points from stats will not be displayed in the member list at the gang center, only points from actions will be displayed.

- Sell price for weapons will be 50% of buy price.

- A new menu will be displayed when you are logged in and click on an avatar for faster access to certain commands and to quickly send messages.

- Hooker payouts have been adjusted to better follow increases in charisma. See the user guide for payout levels.

Round 60

- Required stamina for assaulting has been decreased to 50.

- Gangs will no longer receive static daily points instead a gang will receive 5% of the points made during a day as a bonus.

- Single robberies have been updated to better match the levels. Also, some of gang robberies from the past have been enabled again but with new difficulty levels.

- A couple of new events have been created, play and find out which :)

- New option to disable automatic logout due to inactivity. You can find it in your profile settings.

- Minor graphical updates

- Many minor bug fixes

Round 59

- You can only be attacked by people with whom you have a red/temporary relation.

- We have continued to work on the formula for hookers and fixed some problems from last round. You can now expect to earn around $3 500 000 per day if your charisma is 7 000 000.

- The ticket system has been totally redesigned. In this new version you don't need a ticket to enter a nightclub, however you pay 1 ticket each time you visit a club and take drugs. You start the round with 150 tickets and max accumulated tickets are 70. This number will increase as you level up, please see the game guide for more details.

- All members are invited to gang robberies and assaults even though they joined the gang after the robbery or assault was set up.

- The recruitment reward system has been upgraded, drastically! For every level your recruited friends reach you will receive nice bonuses. See the complete list on the recruitment page.

- Required stamina for doing a gang robbery has been lowered to 25%.

- Weapons and armors have been redesigned. Weapons can now increase your strength by a given percentage. - Weapons can also have two new traits: assault and robbery bonus. The assault bonus will give you extra strength in assaults and the robbery bonus extra strength in robberies.

- Returns from gang robberies have been lowered to balance the amount of money in the game.

Round 58

- New system for gang rankings has been introduced. Gangs will gain points from: each successful gang robbery, gang persistence, and stats of members.

- You need 5 gang members for the gang to show in the stats.

- Gangs will not be dissolved when the leader is hospitalized. Gang members will not leave the gang when hospitalized.

- You can now buy characteral care for a friend at the hospital to help them out.

- Training is available until level Don.

- Single assaults will give 7-9% stats gain, 5% if you kill the victim and gang assaults will give 7-9%.

- Requirements for the big gang robberies has been increased.

- Formula for hooker earnings has been redesigned and there is basically no limit to the earnings per day, however the incremental earnings per charisma will decline as your charisma increase.

- Only accounts with more than 50 000 respect are displayed in the stats

- Gangs can now have two co leaders

- You can change character 3 times per round

Round 57

 - Game length changed to 152 days

 - User stats are updated every 10 minutes and gang stats every 15 minutes

 - Earnings from hookers have been reduced

 - The likelihood of receiving bonus rewards from big single robberies has been increased. Pimps have slightly bigger chance to get hookers from Motorcycle gang.

 - Fight Chat has been redesigned and renamed to Fight Club

Round 56

- You can now select which hooker types to collect from by clicking on the row or checking the check box and then pressing the Collect button

-Transfer period for medals is now over. We will not transfer medals from now on.

- Some hookers that where deemed unnecessary have been removed.

- The chance of getting a hooker for the Motorcycle Gang robbery has been lowered as well as the chance of getting drugs and a factory from the Russian Drug King robbery

- The event robberies (such as Drug King, Carnival, Warren Buffet etc) have been adjusted to be more useful

- The number of whore houses you can own depend on your intelligence and tolerance again. Nightclubs are still limited to 3.

- You can now buy more than one spy kit at a time

- You will attain max profit from hookers at 4 000 000 charisma

- More logs have been added under Profile -> Logs

Round 55

- Number of tickets rebalanced. 1 ticket per min for all characters except hitman who will receive 2. You can max have 100 accumulated tickets.

- You will attain max profit from hookers at 1 000 000 charisma

- Previous boats are listed in the harbor so you can see if you missed anything

- Time in hospital and prison has been lowered

- Max gang members has been reduced to 50

- The possibility of changing username has been limited to one time per round

- Gains and losses from single and gang assaults have been lowered

- The number of nightclubs you can own has been limited to 3

- We have closed several parts of the game that is not working the way it was intended. These parts are: The Den, Bounty Hunting, Sabotage, and Whorehouses (at nightlife)

- You can now buy up to 999 units of each drug at the Hospital

- Character type change with credits are now completed instantly

- Reduced training gains by 25%

- New requirements for longer training: 2 hours - Level Mafioso required and 10k of any stat, 3 hours - Level Consigliere and 20k of any stat, 6 hours - Level Boss required and 50k of any stat

- Investments will be closed for the round after day 150. Return on investment has been lowered to 3%

- Fight club challenges are automatically deleted if the challenger's strength and tolerance rise by 5% or more

- Whorehouses have been disabled in nightlife section. Nightclubs and raves will remain the same.

- Hookers are now aggregated on the same page. You can also buy and sell more than one hooker at a time.

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