The Slums

Tolga (abuser)

Last Update vor einem Jahr

This is not your normal place where you can go have a drink and get your stamina back on track. The Slums will give you the high you need but make no mistake it will not be the same thing

Using the raves here will protect you from attacks but the drugs here are of such a low quality you will lose 35 % of the reward in money from single and gang robberies.

You will be able to rob 50 % of your tickets using the raves in the slums. 


  • To have access to it players will buy a TICKET/ ITEM for 25 credits. Once activated it will last until the player uses 50 % of his tickets. Meanwhile the item / ticket is active players can only have access to raves from slums. They won’t be able to access their own raves/ hooker mansions.
  • Players can rob 50% of their tickets using the SLUM raves 
  • Multies are not allowed
  • There will be no assault button in these raves
  • 10 admin raves with names showing
  • Only booze drug in raves
  • Players can communicate in the raves
  • There is no time limit for how long they can stay in the raves
  • The Slums and the raves cant be seen while the item is not active. To enter rave, an active item is required.

Slums Item

  • The ticket/ items can be bought/ used once a day
  • Enables entering a slum rave
  • Cannot be activated for multies
  • 35% lower rewards from robberies
  • VIP PLAT/ Assassin players will only lose 20% of the money when using this feature
  • VIP Gold players 27%
  • You cannot use Hire Robbers feature when this item is active.
  • You cannot enter any nightclubs rather than The Slums nightclubs when the item is active.

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